Garment Measuring

measuring tapeAt Sanare, we offer a range of compression garments, tailor measured for your requirements. Compression garment are available in a wide range of sizes and also differing levels of compression. It is important that your garment is measured correctly and that the level of compression is suitable for your needs. We work with a wide range of garment suppliers, from Ireland, UK, Germany and USA to choose the garment that best works for you. We feel that having a choice , where possible, of colors and styles is important.


Garment types that are available include:

  • Armsleeves (with hand band)
  • Armsleeve (without hand band)
  • Armsleeves (with shoulder flap)
  • Gauntlets (open fingers)
  • Gauntlets (closed fingers)
  • Stockings (to knee)
  • Stockings (to upper thigh)
  • Pantyhose
  • Pantyhose (with high waist)

The above types of garments are available as ‘off the shelf’ which means that they come in a large range of sizes and compression levels, and are suitable in the area requiring compression falls into a certain shape and size. Your therapist will advise you if these are suitable for you.

When a garment is required ‘made to measure’, a greater level of measuring is required to ensure that compression levels are graduated to fit perfectly around the form requiring compression. Made to measure garments can be more expensive, but generally have a high ‘wear and tear’ time.

For some conditions, compression garments will be available to medical card holders. Our therapists will be happy to contact your GP for your garment prescription.